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The Cordella Foundation was founded in 2023 by Shawn Snyder and the Snyder family in memory of their daughter, sister, mother, granddaughter, aunt and niece, Cordella Marie Snyder, who passed away from the disease of addiction in 2022. 

The Snyders created the foundation to keep Cordella's legacy alive as well as help support other families and friends who have experienced the loss of a loved one to the battle of addiction. 

Our Mission

The Cordella Foundation was created to help support families following the death of a loved one who was suffering from addiction. The disease of addiction is a lifelong struggle that not only impacts the addict, but their loved ones in many ways. We seek to provide as much help and support to those who have suffered from the tragedies stemming from this disease, as well as end the stigma surrounding addiction and alcoholism. 


Cordella with her son, Gavin. 

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